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NeuroHope is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that strives to make longer-term, affordable access to cutting-edge rehabilitation in Indiana a reality.


We provide individualized physical therapy and wellness programs, specialized for people living with and recovering from spinal cord injury, brain injury, and stroke.


NeuroHope was the recipient of the 2015 Care Innovation Award from the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions, a 2016 Healthcare Heroes award from the Indianapolis Business Journal, and received expansion support from the Indiana Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Fund from the Indiana Department of Health.


After a neurologic injury, patients and families begin a long and life-changing road to recovery.  They are thrust into a whirlwind of emotional and physical rehabilitation and soon become isolated in an uncertain new world.  Discharge from the hospital and initial rehabilitation comes quickly, but the need for help continues as recovery evolves and new complications arise.

NeuroHope strives to make long-term, affordable access to cutting-edge rehabilitation a reality.

The NeuroHope mission extends beyond traditional rehabilitation.  We provide patients recovering from paralysis with an affordable next step in their journey to maximize recovery and maintain a healthy quality of life.


NeuroHope features multiple programs that work in cohesion to meet each client’s evolving goals.  Our highly skilled physical therapists and exercise specialists are trained in neurorecovery principles and use aggressive, activity-based techniques that engage the neuromuscular system affected by paralysis to help maximize recovery and improve health and wellness.

We offer a variety of extended care programs including:  specialized physical therapy, guided rehabilitative exercise, and individually tailored wellness programs. 

Each program starts with an extensive evaluation to measure balance, mobility, strength, gait, and functional tasks.  Evaluations are performed every 90 days to monitor progress and update plan of care.

Clients may enroll in one or multiple programs as improvement evolves and goals change.  Self-pay programs may also be performed in conjunction with outpatient therapy at other facilities to form a comprehensive continuum of care.


NeuroHope: Extended Rehabilitation After Spinal Cord Injury

  • Recovery from neurologic injury is incredibly slow.

    Even the most incomplete SCI may take months or years of rehabilitation.

  • Insurance does not provide a continuum of care.

    The injured are often discharged from rehabilitation hospitals weeks after injury, during the critical time they need therapy the most.

  • Outpatient visits are few and far between.

    Recovery requires regular, repetitive access to therapy in order to promote neuroplasticity (the nervous system’s attempt to re-wire after injury).  The limited number of outpatient therapy visits provided by insurance are insufficient.

  • Disabled individuals living with paralysis in Indiana are deprived of the resources they need for health and well-being

    (to improve circulation, muscle and bone density, pressure sores, and more).

Our vision revolves around providing affordable, longer term care for patients after insurance discharge.  We rely on public support to offset the true cost of care to keep our services strong!


My husband fell out of the attic about 2 1/2 years ago, suffering a TBI. After more than a year of intensive therapy, he was still unable to walk, talk, or use his right arm. After insurance benefits ran out, NeuroHope offered him a chance to continue his rehabilitation. Through their reduced-fee, self-pay program, he was able to resume his progress forward.  He and I are deeply grateful for the existence of this remarkable facility and for the professional, knowledgeable, and caring staff. These people truly do offer hope and measurable results.

NeuroHope has made such a major impact in my life!  I’ve been injured for over 15 years but I’ve gained so much more independence than I thought possible. I know without NeuroHope I would not have had the opportunity to realize it was possible.

NeuroHope was a game changer for me after my incomplete spinal cord injury. The knowledge, skills and finesse of the treatment team is unparalleled.  There’s no way I would have reached my current level of functioning (walking again) without the team at NeuroHope, and the ability to attend their program regularly for over a year.

Two years ago, I sustained a C5/C6 spinal cord injury, which left me a quadriplegic. Returning home from the hospital, I was in need of a physical therapy program. I found that program with NeuroHope. NeuroHope has taken the time to design a physical therapy program to fit my rehabilitative needs. The staff is very dedicated and encouraging to me and my family. The one-on-one attention has been tremendous. NeuroHope offers affordable rehabilitation programs to the disabled that are not available anywhere in the Indianapolis area. I am so very thankful that I found NeuroHope.  

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