Client Spotlight: Jenny Rosebrock

Over the course of a long career as a nurse, Jenny Rosebrock served many patients recovering from neurologic injuries, but she never imagined she would be on the receiving end of such care.  That changed in March of 2020, when Jenny suffered a brainstem stroke causing left side paralysis.  It would be the start of a long and grueling road to recovery.

Jenny spent three weeks at a local rehabilitation hospital before she was discharged home.  With outpatient clinics closed last spring due to COVID-19, she was not able to begin outpatient therapy at the hospital until June.  By the fall, Jenny had made significant gains.  She had regained some movement, and could take her first steps with a hemi-walker.

Unfortunately, in October of 2020, just seven months after her stroke, it was determined that Jenny had “plateaued”.  Her recovery was deemed complete and she was discharged from rehabilitation.    It is a story that is familiar to so many patients battling the rehabilitation process.  Neurologic injuries take months, sometimes years, to recover from.  NeuroHope was created to help patients like Jenny maximize their recovery.  Fortunately, her outpatient therapist recommended NeuroHope so she could continue her progress. (story continued below video)

Over the last four months, Jenny has been a regular in the NeuroHope gym with Nora, Megan, and Lydia, pushing her recovery.   She has inspired everyone with her enthusiasm, and came up with the idea for our “Key West Challenge”,  a therapy and workout challenge involving everyone at NeuroHope that tracks therapy and wellness “miles” on a virtual journey to Florida.

Most importantly, Jenny’s recovery continues!  The video above captures the emotional moment when she left her walker behind and took her FIRST STEPS after her stroke.

“I am so grateful to NeuroHope,” Jenny says.  “With an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement, and a great staff and facility, I have made progress and can use a walker without a leg brace now.  My ‘stroke-aversary’ is in March. As I reflect on the past year, I am thankful for family, friends, my therapists, and for NeuroHope!”

Keep pushing Jenny!  This is why we’re here!