We Need Your Help!



NeuroHope has opened its doors!

Our initial crowdfunding campaign is complete, and the generous contributions of many individuals have helped us achieve our initial goal.  Now, the real work begins!  The continued backing of our donors is critical throughout our early stages as we work to ensure the presence of a safe, secure, state of the art facility.

Here are some ways your contribution can be put toward support of our immediate needs:

  • Sponsor a client: $100 (unlimited)
  • Medical Billing Software: $500 monthly cost
  • Medical Documentation Software: $300 monthly cost
  • Laptop computer: (2) $1,000
  • General therapy equipment (e.g. mats, cones, support belts, assitive devices):  $50 to $500
  • Future costs include funding for state of the art equipment referenced on our services page.  A PowerStep system and HydoWorx therapy pool combined may cost $300,000.

NeuroHope is a registered 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible charitable organization.

Major Equipment Funding:

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Arm/Leg Bike: $36,540

FES arm fnFES uses electricity to stimulate muscles to prevent atrophy and promote circulation.  While cycling, this machine can stimulate 16 muscles groups in the arms, legs and trunk.  FES Stimulation of nerves evokes patterned movement of the legs or the arms and enables muscles to perform work even though an individual may have lost all or some voluntary control of the muscles.

EasyStand Gliding Standing Frame: $6,253

glider_borderIt is important for anyone affected by paralysis to spend time out of a seated position to improve bone density, circulation, muscle integrity, and more.
During wellness hours, or before or after a therapy session, this purchase will provide access to standing for those unable to receive it at home.

PowerStep Locomotor Training System: $110,000

LT teen fn

Locomotor training provides task-specific practice of standing and walking using a body-weight support harness, treadmill, and manual guidance.  This optimizes sensory cues to improve motor activity for mobility, standing, and walking after neurologic injury.

PowerStep Locomotor Training is an integral part of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network’s standard of care, and is needed to join their elite family of rehabilitation centers.





Hydroworx Therapy Pool: $100,000

Neuroworxpool2 fn

Hydroworx pools have a built in treadmill and camera system to aide patients and therapists.

Pool therapy is an excellent therapeutic tool.  Water provides buoyancy, which offers significantly less pressure on the joints and spine.  When immersed in water up to the neck the amount of weight pressing down on the body is reduced by 90%.  Water up to the waist reduces pressure by 50%.

Water is also a medium that supports and assists movement.  It offers a safe and pain-free setting to focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion.