We Need Your Help!



NeuroHope has opened its doors!

Our initial crowdfunding campaign is complete, and the generous contributions of many individuals have helped us achieve our initial goal.  Now, the real work begins!  The continued backing of our donors is critical throughout our early stages as we work to ensure the presence of a safe, secure, state of the art facility.

Here are some ways your contribution is used for our immediate needs:

  • Sponsor a client: $200 (four 1-hour sessions)
  • Medical Documentation Software: $5,500 annual cost
  • General Fund (Operating Costs): $8,000 per month to offset the supplementary care we provide our clients
  • Future costs include funding for state of the art equipment such as a Hocoma Lokomat (robotic gait trainer), and Bioness Vector (Harness System) which have costs of over $250,000 each.

NeuroHope is a registered 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible charitable organization.

Major Equipment Funding:

Hocoma Lokomat: $450,000

The Lokomat is a gait therapy device on a treadmill with a robotic gait orthosis and exercises in a virtual reality environment with constant audio and visual feedback.  The Lokomat also provides a pediatric orthosis for driven locomotion therapy for small children.  The enhanced efficiency and efficacy of locomotion training with the Lokomat has been scientifically proven in over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals.

Hydroworx Therapy Pool: $150,000

Hydroworx pools have a built in treadmill and camera system to aide patients and therapists.

Pool therapy is an excellent therapeutic tool.  Water provides buoyancy, which offers significantly less pressure on the joints and spine.  When immersed in water up to the neck the amount of weight pressing down on the body is reduced by 90%.  Water up to the waist reduces pressure by 50%.

Water is also a medium that supports and assists movement.  It offers a safe and pain-free setting to focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion.

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