VIDEO: Overcoming Paralysis, Changing Healthcare, and Finding Your Passion

Last August, exactly eight years after waking up in the ICU, I had the honor of speaking at the 2018 Joseph Group Wealth Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

It was the first time I gave a public account of my entire personal story – the moment of the accident, life as a quadriplegic, what happens to the body after spinal cord injury, and a detailed description of early rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and the roadblocks patients encounter as they navigate through a complex healthcare system.

I also explained traveling to Neuroworx to receive affordable, continued therapy, and the model of patient-centric healthcare that inspired the birth of NeuroHope.


Full talk:

0:00 mark: Waking up in intensive care and the day of the accident
9:20 mark: Spinal Cord Injury 101 and life as a quadriplegic
12:55 mark: Re-thinking healthcare, the journey from the hospital, to a nursing home and the void for continued therapy after neurologic injury
21:20 mark: My journey to Neuroworx and re-learning to walk
25:44 mark: A life changed, creating NeuroHope and finding purpose.