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NeuroHope Nominated for 2017 Health Care Heroes Award

NeuroHope_TherapistsThe physical therapy team at NeuroHope has been selected as one of three nominees in “Community Achievement” for the Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2017 Health Care Heroes Award!

NeuroHope was created three years ago because of a simple realization: Many patients recovering from neurologic injury are discharged from rehabilitation too soon with no place to continue their recovery.  Insurance caps therapy coverage after only a few months and traditional healthcare clinics are unable to continue treatment at an affordable out-of-pocket rate.

NeuroHope’s Director of Therapy, Nora Foster (DPT), and her team of Donna Peterson (PTA) and Sara Sale (DPT) have embarked on a path to fill this void in care. From a purely altruistic motive, and with no experience in healthcare administration, they became devoted to creating a clinic that operates beyond traditional, insurance-based services.

NeuroHope integrates insurance visits with extremely discounted private-pay rates in order to provide patients with long-term care. This involves combining aggressive therapy with wellness goals to maximize recovery and improve quality of life.

In two short years, NeuroHope’s vision has proven successful. The team has created a non-profit outpatient healthcare clinic from scratch, become credentialed with Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurance, and works with the Krannert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis to provide students with Internship and volunteer opportunities.   NeuroHope’s patient-centric model was also the catalyst behind a 2015 change in Indiana law to help fund long-term rehabilitation programs.

Most importantly, Nora and her team have helped 36 patients, ranging from spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy on along their road to recovery.

This recognition is well-deserved for Nora, Sara, and Donna.  Not only for the work they have done to launch NeuroHope, but for the devotion they have shown to all of their patients over the their entire careers.

The 2017 Health Care Heroes Awards will be presented at a special IBJ breakfast at the Hilton Conrad on Friday, March 3rd.

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UIndy Intern Jake Roop Joins our Team!

We announce interns with blog posts around here, so it’s my pleasure to welcome Jake Roop on-board!

Jake is no stranger to NeuroHope.  He was one of our first student volunteers and has been a fantastic help to our therapy team for the last ten months.  His internship lasts until May, after which, he will earn his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy.

Jake is a native of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, was a member of the UIndy football team, and will be attending the Krannert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis this the fall.

Welcome Jake!


Happy Holidays! A 2016 Update!

The staff, volunteers, patients, and families of NeuroHope would like to wish YOU a Happy Holiday season, and a prosperous 2017!!  We are rapidly approaching our two-year anniversary, and have our supporters to thank for their interest in making the NeuroHope vision of providing affordable, extended care for individuals living with paralysis a reality.

2016 proved to be an exciting year of growth.  Over the last 12 months, NeuroHope has become a credentialed outpatient clinic with Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance, moved to a larger space in Fountain Square (through the generosity of the UIndy Krannert School of Physical Therapy), and increased our operating hours to serve more people on our waitlist.

Here are some numbers we are proud to share!

  • Since we opened in February 2015, we have helped 36 patients with issues ranging from spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, to cerebral palsy on the road to recovery.
  • We have seen 30 different patients/clients this year, totaling 679 unique visits
  • We are currently seeing 20 clients regularly.  Many come in before and after their visits to utilize the specialized Electrical Stimulation cycle we offer at no extra cost.
  • Thanks to two fundraising events this fall, and a generous grant from the OrthoIndy Foundation, we raised more than $50,000 since September to ensure our services remain strong in 2017.

Will you continue support in 2017?

 We are thrilled to be one of the charities chosen for 2017 Brackets For Good giving competition!  This is a friendly tournament-of-sorts in which non-profits raise money in unison with the March Madness basketball tournament.  A $10,000 grand prize is on the line. That means we will be calling on YOU for support this spring to be an integral part of our campaign.  Stay tuned!!

Patient Story

Finally, I would like to leave you with a testimonial from the daughter of a patient who has made incredible strides at NeuroHope over the last few months. This is one story of many that exemplifies the reason we exist.  We hope you are proud to be a part of it!
“The therapists at NeuroHope have made a great impact on the life of my Mom and my family.  My Mom, JoAnn, suffered a spinal cord injury in June at the age of 80.  In July, inpatient rehab ended and outpatient therapy began, however due to insurance caps outpatient therapy was only covered twice a week and would be depleted by October.  My Mom was getting stronger and her goal was to walk again but how was she going to do this with such little therapy that would end by October? 

I reached out to NeuroHope in August attempting to find my Mom a better chance for recovery at a private pay rate that could be afforded.

What I have discovered is that the therapists at NeuroHope bridge the gap for patients like my Mom who are making great progress but insurance no longer will cover therapy.  From the first evaluation with Nora, my Mom said her goal was to walk by Christmas.  Nora was so compassionate, and the empathy that she showed both my Mom and Dad during those first sessions in physical therapy was so greatly appreciated.  The team of therapists, Nora, Sara, Donna, and Wendy have provided my Mom which such excellent specialized care. 

On October 31st Donna brought the rolling walker out and said “let’s try the walker”.  I was so happy I was there that day to witness my Mom walking for the first time with a rolling walker.  It meant the world to my family to see my Mom taking those first steps towards her goal. 

I can’t even put in to words what the NeuroHope therapists have meant to my Mom and family.  They have given my Mom a chance for a better recovery and hope for a better quality of life.  I feel the therapists at NeuroHope do what they do because they truly care about the lives of their patients.  I would like to thank the therapists at NeuroHope for their knowledge, compassion, and desire to help those who have had serious neurological injuries reach their goals!”


True to her promise to “walk by Christmas”, JoAnn returned to her Doctor’s office last week to a ROUND OF APPLAUSE!! It has been a joy to watch JoAnn’s progress, and we are honored to be a part of her journey!

 Merry Christmas everyone, and cheers to a prosperous 2016!

NeuroHope Opens Its Doors!

(NEUROHOPE) It has been an exciting week, and I'm happy to announce that NeuroHope has officially opened doors at the University of Indianapolis Sutphin Center in Fountain Square!  Nora Foster (DPT) welcomed her first clients, Tamika, Randy, and Aiden to the clinic.  They braved the snow to make it, and we were thrilled to have them!

image1Aiden&NoraThis is a special moment for us all.  It is the culmination of two years of hard work and determination for our vision to become a reality.  We are a long way from the summit, but this step is evidence that we will be successful in reaching our goal.  The need for long-term rehabilitation is real.  Hospitals and outpatient programs may be restricted in the care they are able to provide, but we are building a truly unique program that operates outside of the boundaries of traditional care. We are on to something BIG and we have many of you to thank!  Your financial support has carried us to this point and helped secure some of the equipment pieces we needed to begin operation.  It hasn't taken long to see results.

Our client Randy was able to access the standing frame on Friday, placing him upright for the first time in three years.  THAT is a special moment.

RandyEasyStandTamekaNuStepA special thanks also goes to the UIndy Krannert School of Physical Therapy and the Sutphin Center for Clinical Care.  The home they have provided in the Southeast Community Services building is perfectly situated for our needs.  Without their generosity none of this would be possible.

We have hit the ground running, and for now, are open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.   In March we will be able to accept most insurance policies for client visits, which will enable more aggressive scheduling.  

Your continued support is critical in our early stages.

Learn how you can help with our initial expenses by visiting our donate page. Click here!

Thank you, and stay tuned for an exciting year!











NeuroHope to Open in Fountain Square

Happy to announce that NeuroHope will have a future home at the Sutphin Center located in the Fountain Square neighborhood!

 UIndy logo

This is an exciting development as we begin to lay the foundation for the first extended neuro-rehabilitation facility in Indiana, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to begin at the Sutphin Center for Clinical Care, which is operated by the University of Indianapolis.  This space will help facilitate a collaboration with UIndy faculty at the prestigious Krannert School of Physical Therapy.  NeuroHope will be launching a capital fundraising campaign next week to gather the resources needed to open doors and begin operation by January 2015.

This is a huge step for NeuroHope.  We now have a wellness room, a location to begin individual workouts with our Physical Therapist Nora Foster, and a place to provide access to Functional Electrical Stimulation, a standing frame, and more.  It’s a perfect jumping off point as we build our services and funding.

Official campaign details and promotional video – coming next week!

Help us open our doors! Stay tuned.