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NeuroHope Wins Inaugural ‘Care Innovation’ Award

emeraldgala_neurohope_redcarpet_croppedNeuroHope was thrilled and humbled to be honored by the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions as the first ever recipient of the Care Innovation Award!

NeuroHope Founder and Executive Director Chris Leeuw accepted the award at the sold-out Emerald Gala at the Eiteljorg Museum on September 16th.

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions supports programs in central Indiana that are devoted to providing effective and efficient care for high-cost patients.  Their goal is to help organizations develop better ways to care for the most expensive healthcare conditions.  The Foundation is a supporter of NeuroHope’s mission to provide extended, affordable care for individuals recovering from traumatic injury, and its Board of Directors unanimously chose NeuroHope to be the inaugural recipient of the award.

emeraldgala_host“Spinal cord injury, brain injury, and stroke are extremely high cost injuries from the perspective of insurers and healthcare providers”, Leeuw said to attendees.  “As a result, time spent in recovery at the inpatient and outpatient level is limited.  Two-thirds of neurologically injured individuals are re-admitted to the hospital within one year of discharge.  At NeuroHope, we are creating a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation that blends physical therapy with affordable wellness programs to maximize recovery and improve quality of life.”

Since NeuroHope opened in February of 2015, the clinic has partnered with the University of Indianapolis, hired physical therapists, become credentialed with Medicare / Medicaid and commercial insurance, and was the catalyst behind a change in Indiana law to fund affordable recovery programs.  Most importantly, it has helped 31 patients on their road to recovery.

The clinic’s launch and early success would not be possible without support from forward-thinking entities like the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions, which help NeuroHope offset the cost of the supplementary care it provides its patients.

It was a night to be remembered at the Eiteljorg, and NeuroHope was truly privileged for the recognition!











Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions Presents $10K Grant!

We are honored, humbled, and extremely grateful to be recipients of a 2015 grant from the Indianapolis-based Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions!

This generous donation of $10,000 to our mission of extended, supplemental rehabilitation for individuals recovering from neurologic injury provides a necessary bridge to ensure our doors remain open until we have access to the funds made available by Senate Act 166 next year.

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions assists organizations that are devoted to addressing the highest cost and most complex health conditions, and that develop programs, protocols, and approaches that are both more affordable and more effective than traditional models.  The NeuroHope model provides healthcare outsides the boundaries of high fee schedules and insurance allowances, and we are proud to have the Foundation's support!

The Foundation states their purpose eloquently in their mission statement:

The concept of better healthcare and better outcomes is achieved through the delivery of quality healthcare at the right place and right time. Included in innumerable studies of the U.S. healthcare system is the finding that the extraordinarily high cost all to often does not assure high quality outcomes. The Foundation will design, develop and implement better ways to care for the most expensive diseases and conditions through its own programs and in collaboration with partner organizations.

A special thanks goes to the Foundation's Chairman, Doug Stratton (pictured), and board members Eric Banter and Dan Kranjnovich, as well as staffer Peggy Johnson for their passion and interest in the NeuroHope vision.