Reynolds American “Day of Caring” at NeuroHope

Last month, I received a phone call from Isaac Keplinger, a senior division manager at Reynolds American Inc.  He told me that he heard about NeuroHope, looked us up, and was in awe of what we were creating for Indianapolis.

Isaac has lived through neurologic injury.   He has traveled the difficult road to recovery following traumatic brain injury, and has learned first-hand that options for continued care are limited.

He told me that NeuroHope’s mission affected him deeply – and he wanted to help!

Isaac’s team at Reynolds American chose to support NeuroHope for their annual “Day of Caring”, an outreach project to give back to local causes through a day of volunteer work.  With our move to the Incrediplex gym around the corner – the timing was perfect!  Their team arrived on-site first thing in the morning, and broke ground on the future site of the “NeuroHope Garden” in front of our new gym.

Brush was cleared, weeds were pulled, stumps were removed, branches and bushes were trimmed.  They worked through the rain, they worked through lunch, and the end result was spectacular!

Isaac had this to say about the afternoon:

“Our day spent giving back to NeuroHope was nothing short of amazing!  I am fortunate to work for an organization that allows their employees to donate time supporting local organizations of our choice that we are passionate about. For my team’s “Day of Caring” we decided to support NeuroHope of Indiana based on their passion to drive change within the healthcare arena and help the far too many underserved individuals that are subjected to a multitude of constraints in today’s healthcare and insurance marketplace. Unfortunately, in today’s world, organizations like NeuroHope are rarities. They continually sacrifice so much, to focus their passion and talents to serve others; delivering hope in the process.  Chris and everyone at NeuroHope are trailblazers that continue to effect change”.

I can’t thank Isaac and his team enough for reaching out and spending their day to help prepare our new home at the Incrediplex.