There is no preparation for traumatic injury.

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The injured and their families find themselves in an ICU confronted with a reality that they never dreamed could happen.   As they move to a rehabilitation hospital, begin physical therapy, and eventually are discharged the shock wears off, but the need for help continues as recovery evolves and new complications arise.

NeuroHope strives to make long-term access to cutting-edge rehabilitation in Indiana a reality.

The NeuroHope mission extends beyond rehab.  We are devoted to better the lives of those already living with paralysis by offering specialized, activity based wellness programs.

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Continued Rehabilitation:

Recovery from traumatic injury is a process that requires months or years of patient determination and clinician care.  Unfortunately, prolonged physical therapy is not offered in Indiana.  Following discharge from initial rehabilitation most patients are given outpatient therapy options.  However, due to the extremely high cost at most facilities ($300+ per hour) out of pocket payment is unrealistic, and insurance limits visits to a small number annually.  For anyone recovering from neurologic injury, this is grossly insufficient.


NeuroHope offers membership packages at affordable rates after insurance coverage has run its course. 

This model has proven to be successful at the handful of rehabilitation centers across the U.S. that provide them such the Craig Hospital PEAK center, Courage Kenny, Neuroworx, and NextStep FitnessThese centers are proud partners of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network (NRN)Click here to learn more

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Exercise is important to everyone, especially those suffering from paralysis.  The simple task of walking puts needed stress on the body to insure proper bone density, muscle growth, and many other bodily functions.   It’s important for wheelchair bound individuals to maintain their bodies after they are no longer able to obtain the benefits that come from the average activities of daily living.

Tamika_NuStep_borderNeuroHope works with its clients to develop specialized programs that focus on getting individuals out of their chairs and working hard, focusing on functional activities to improve muscular and cardiovascular health, to help alleviate the complications that come hand in hand with SCI (bladder infections, pressure sores, range of motion, spasticity, etc.)

The benefits of improving health through regular exercise have proven to reduce hospital re-admission rates and health care costs, benefitting hospitals, insurers, patients and caregivers.