Wellness Director

Bart is a Certified Special Population Specialist (CSPS) , a credential established to address the fitness needs of individuals with chronic neuromuscular conditions, with extensive training in neuromuscular electrical stimulation, locomotor training and other activity-based interventions.   He earned his Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and his Masters of Exercise Science with a specialty in biomechanical research from Ball State University, where he conducted studies focusing on gait analyses and injury prevention of college athletes.  Bart’s career led him to run a small exercise studio and become the strength and conditioning coach of the Indy Fuel, before joining NeuroHope in 2017 to focus on neurological injuries and recovery.

Bart and his wife, Jackie, love to take an annual trip to new locations around the world that allow them to hike foreign mountains and trails as well as camp in the middle of the wilderness. He also enjoys spending his free time volunteering at a local animal shelter, training dogs or forging knives in his garage.