Save the Date: Open House July 15!

It has been a thrilling 2015 at NeuroHope!  Without the financial support of our donors, and the interest many of you have displayed over the last year, we would not be where we are today.  Together, we are creating an unmatched standard of care for disabled individuals in Indiana and we have YOU to thank!

To show our appreciation, we are hosting a catered open house on Wednesday July 15!

This is a chance for our supporters to visit the clinic, enjoy a some dinner (Sushi Boss, Iaria's, B's Po Boy, Pizza King), meet our staff and clients, and kick around ideas to help expand the NeuroHope mission moving forward. Hopefully, you have been following our updates on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a rundown:

  • First three months of successful operation in the books
  • Serving 14 clients, totaling more than 150 visits in this short period of time
  • Hired Donna Peterson (PTA) to help Nora treat clients
  • Secured volunteer help from students at the University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy 
  • Featured in the March 14 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal:
  • Had a robotic exoskeleton in the clinic that one of our clients had the unique chance to try. Innovative technology and an inspiring moment! Video and blog:
  • Since December, we’ve worked closely with key Indiana legislators and have spearheaded an effort that was signed into law by Gov. Pence on May 5th.  Beginning next year, physical therapy clinics that provide affordable extended care may seek funding from the Indiana Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury Fund.

RandyEasyStandNeuroHope has reached a new milestone. We have a waitlist of clients. The need for long-term rehabilitation and wellness for individuals living with traumatic injury is significant, and the demand isMacy_Stand real. Now, we need to secure additional funding to expand our hours of operation past 3 days per week, hire another therapist, and keep our momentum STRONG so that our application for funding from the new law in 2016 is well received.
On July 15th, we will be explaining our goals and sharing an outreach letter (download it here).  This is a brief letter that we hope each of of our supporters will share with at least 10 people or groups in their network (friends, family, church, social club, etc.) There are likely individuals YOU know that will be moved or affected by our mission.  Let’s find them!

We would love to see you on July 15! If you are able to attend please RSVP (HERE!)

Come hungry! Food has been generously provided by: Sushi Boss, Iaria's, B's Po Boy, and Pizza King!

What: NeuroHope Open House

When: Wednesday, July 15th 6:00p – 8:00p

Where: 901 Shelby Street –  Southeast Community Services Building (2nd Floor)