NeuroHope Testimonials

“NeuroHope fills a need for patients with spinal cord injuries that no place else does.   When someone is first hurt they are just left to readjust to a “new normal” after a life-changing injury.  For those who are deemed permanently paralyzed there are no resources to continue with therapy so that the body can stay as strong as possible.  My son has been a patient at NeuroHope for over a year. Not only has NeuroHope been a place he can go for continued care, he also goes there to use the modified gym equipment to keep his body healthy and strong.  The staff is caring and has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of ALL the patients.  My son often leaves in a much better mood each day than he had going in!” – Charita, caregiver


“Before I left a local rehabilitation hospital 2 years ago, I heard whispers about a place called NeuroHope.  Everyone within my rehab team said it was the place to be after my discharge.   When discharge came, I was in a powerchair with small movements in my legs.  I needed to continue my therapy.  I was determined to get to NeuroHope and surround myself with their rehab team.  From my initial visit, I was convinced I was at the right place.  The therapy was intense and they had equipment I had never seen before.  I have had the pleasure to work with all of their physical therapy professionals and each is second to none.  I celebrated my recovery achievements so far with a trip to Disneyland this year.  I was able to WALK parts of the park and experience the attractions which I know would not have been accomplished without all the time I was able to spend at NeuroHope.  They have put me on the road to independent living.”   – George, C4 incomplete spinal cord injury


“My husband fell out of the attic about 2 1/2 years ago, suffering a TBI.  After more than a year of intensive therapy, he was still unable to walk, talk, or use his right arm.  After insurance benefits ran out, NeuroHope offered him a chance to continue his rehabilitation.  Through their reduced-fee, self-pay program, Ted was able to resume his progress forward, with therapy visits 2-3 times a week.  He and I are deeply grateful for the existence of this remarkable facility and for the professional, knowledgeable, and caring staff.  These people truly do offer hope and measurable results.”  – Carla, caregiver


“I’ve been to other programs in Indianapolis, and have not found anything close to the caring individuals and quality of therapy at NeuroHope.  They work with patients and do things in therapy that other places do not even try.  They provide the tools and support to get through traumatic injury.   These injuries devastate your body, your mind, your psyche and your sense of self-worth. NeuroHope knows this.  They take you under their supervision, and do not give up on you.  If anything traumatic happens to you or your family, I hope you realize that there is a place like this in our community because you will need it.  I am so thankful to have found NeuroHope. I have never met or been surrounded by more gracious caring giving individuals in my life.”

Chris, spinal cord injury


“Before we found NeuroHope, I felt lost and scared.  We had nowhere to go for more therapy.  We ended up driving the 4-hour round trip to Louisville.  When we found NeuroHope here in Indianapolis, and we were told the cost, I finally felt that my family could survive financially and that I could survive as a spouse, mother, and caregiver.  With the expansion to their current gym, which allowed extra days for therapy and access to gym facilities, my overall happiness increased because my husband started to feel ‘normal’ again.  He knew the cost of his specialized therapy would not force a financial burden on me and our family’s future.  It was as if we could start living again because we knew with NeuroHope’s help, we could find our new normal physically and emotionally.”  – Anita, caregiver


“Three months after my stroke, all of my therapy options through insurance had been exhausted.  Then, I found NeuroHope, a community who understands me, what I’ve been through, and the challenges I face. They are a supportive family of people who care about me as a person, not just a patient.  At NeuroHope, we are encouraged to set monthly goals.   They understand goals take time.  But, how can you reach goals without adequate time, effort and resources?  NeuroHope provides all of it. It has been a long journey to get better. I now feel that I can contribute in my life. I can be a productive person again. When I first came to NeuroHope, I was in a wheelchair. Today, I walk half a mile each day. Quite a remarkable transformation!”

-Bill, stroke


“I am a physician that suffered a C5 spinal cord injury while on vacation. I was given a 1% chance of ever walking again. I can 100% attest that I would not be where I am today without the treatment I received over the course of two years at NeuroHope.  I can fully attest that NeuroHope is serving and fulfilling a major gap in our treatment paradigm as a society. There are many more people that could recover to a far greater extent, but are unable to afford the treatment. Neurohope fills this gap so patients are not just forgotten.”

– Nate, C5 incomplete spinal cord injury


“My son was left to die by a hit and run driver, which caused him to have a Traumatic Brain Injury. Our world ended as we knew it.  Since his injury, we have had so many doors close on us.  My son never received the therapy that he needed, which caused him to have contracture in his arms and legs. I heard about NeuroHope through a home care company.  As soon as I called, it made me feel that we would finally be helped. On our first visit I was so impressed. My son had not had such a comprehensive workout since his accident. I am truly grateful to all of the staff that is putting their heart in helping so many people.”

-Emma, caregiver


“NeuroHope has made such a major impact in my life!  I’ve been injured for over 15 years but I’ve gained so much more independence than I thought possible. I know without NeuroHope I would not have had the opportunity to realize it was possible.”  -Rob, spinal cord injury


“Six months after my son’s surgery, we faced several setbacks including the requirement of a brain shunt and then a shunt malfunction.  His right-side coordination, strength, and control were all severely affected.  We used all of our 10 insurance coverage therapies with the Traumatic Brain Injury Model our therapy institution followed. Then, we found ourselves at home without any continuing direction or guidance.  For a 20-year old, this was a devastating road block to reach his goals of unassisted mobility and improved strength.

With our search for support, we were directed to NeuroHope and found we could continue one-on-one therapy in addition to having access to a gym – all at an affordable cost to us, enabling my son to have a positive, motivating, and caring environment to work towards his goals of becoming a full time college student.  NeuroHope met our needs for expertise in therapy, but the most important role to us has been the culture that permeates throughout every individual who works there and the positive energy coming from the patients.  My son’s improvement was rapid and NeuroHope continues to be a place we are highly motivated to attend.  It is more than therapy.  It is a place of hope for every individual.”   -Bobbi, caregiver


“Neurohope was a game changer for me after my incomplete spinal cord injury. The knowledge, skills and finesse of the treatment team is unparalleled.  There’s no way I would have reached my current level of functioning (walking again) without the team at NeuroHope, and the ability to attend their program regularly for over a year.”  -Chuck, C4 incomplete spinal cord injury


“Two years ago, I sustained a C5/C6 spinal cord injury, which left me a quadriplegic. Returning home from the hospital, I was in need of a physical therapy program. I found that program with NeuroHope. NeuroHope has taken the time to design a physical therapy program to fit my rehabilitative needs. The staff is very dedicated and encouraging to me and my family. The one-on-one attention has been tremendous. NeuroHope offers affordable rehabilitation programs to the disabled that are not available anywhere in the Indianapolis area. I am so very thankful that I found NeuroHope.”  -Kate, C5 spinal cord injury


“I suffered a C3/4 spinal cord injury 6 years ago.  After a 30-day stay at a rehabilitation facility I was sent home to face a life-altering new reality.  There was nowhere to further my rehab.  I discovered NeuroHope three years ago.  It is a place that I could only dream of when I was first hurt.  I still do not have much function, but I know if it was not for NeuroHope, I would never be the physical condition that I am today.  I am still working on my progress, 6 years after my injury.  I could go on and on about NeuroHope but I can say with all honesty it is truly a wonderful place and absolutely a necessity for our community.” -Tom, C4 spinal cord injury


“After my spinal cord injury, I spent 30 days in traditional rehabilitation before being released with minimal knowledge of how to cope with my situation.   I felt like I was as stuck, and just another SCI left high and dry.  I learned basic daily living skills, enough to get dressed, transfer and bathe.  But, I knew my journey was far from over. When I arrived at NeuroHope I couldn’t sit up on my own without support.  After my first visit I knew NeuroHope was something special.  Things I thought I would never be able to do, became a reality in such a short period of time. The staff at NeuroHope treat you as a person not an injury. They truly care about getting you to become the best you can be. They listen to your questions and concerns and address them. They push you to try, and challenge you to commit to progress. My life is forever changed!”

-Tiffany, spinal cord injury


“Here is the unique thing about NeuroHope:  Their leadership understood the challenges and struggles that people with injuries face as they navigate the healthcare system – and they DID something about it.  This depth of passion and understanding cannot be emphasized enough.   Recovery can, and does, occur well beyond initial date of discharge.  This fact seems to be lost on many of the larger, financially driven recovery groups.  As hard as they try, they simply cannot relate.  Through their goal based, and activity based progressive therapeutic initiatives, I’ve seen my son go from barely being able to sit up by himself to being able to do so for minutes on end.  Over the course of three years we’ve seen him take steps.  We’ve seen a young man who has begged to not go to therapy (when treated as a number/patient) to one who looks forward to going to NeuroHope (where treated as a person).  He’s gone from someone who could not confidently take steps to someone who can walk distance with the aid of a walker.   The highly skilled staff at NeuroHope has made this possible.  We continue to be impressed by their can do/will do attitude, their willingness to think outside the box, their partnerships with top influential SCI organizations and on-going development of staff.

As a direct result of their efforts, my son’s quality of life has and continues to improve.  NeuroHope’s drive to be that lifeline for those in need, after others have given up, is immeasurable.  Their desire/vision to improve quality of life post injury seeps into all facets of the patient’s recovery effort.   Whether it’s seen through the various progressive therapeutic initiatives, to a team that clearly understands and lives the vision, to that warm, friendly greeting received when arriving at the gym.  They’ve become much more to us than just a care provider – they have become an extension of our family.  They have absolutely aided in the physical recovery of our son, but equally important – they’ve provided our entire family with HOPE.”

-Troy, caregiver